Art Materials: Getting Started. A quick guide to choosing your pencil.

Let’s talk about pencils. Because a pencil is not just a pencil. In fact, there is a whole array of pencils out there and you’ll need a different one depending on what and how you want to draw.  As a newcomer to the world of art this may seem baffling to you! If you pick […]

Learning to Exist

I want to exist.  I stared at the words I had just written in my journal and let their honesty sink in.  I was completing an exercise for a digital business course I was taking and, for the first time in perhaps the 3 or so years I had been running Merle Made Tales, was […]

Star Money

Once upon a time there was a girl whose father and mother were dead, and she was so poor that she no longer had anywhere to live or a bed to sleep in – nothing but the clothes she was wearing and a little bit of bread in her hand, which some charitable person had […]


In a certain kingdom once lived a poor miller who had a very beautiful daughter. She was, moreover, exceedingly shrewd and clever; and the miller was so vain and proud of her, that he one day told the king of the land that his daughter could spin gold out of straw. now, thins king was […]

Hansel and Gretel

A poor woodcutter lived with his two children, Hansel and Gretel, beside a large forest. The children’s mother had died but, after a time the woodcutter married again.  There was never much to eat in the house, but then came the famine and there wasn’t even enough bread for the four of them. One night, […]